In the good words of a long running comedy from years back when…”I don’t believe it’!! How can it be so long since our last dogblog?

Well there’s been a lot of ‘I don’t believe it’ going on here this last month or so in less than sunny Shropshire.

We’ve had snow,            Now snow! Nooooo.

gales…..come on Archie lets curl up and go to sleep! Not  a tricky one for Arch. Always happy to oblige.


What else is there to do? Very yin and yan!

And of course we’ve had monumental quantities of rain. So boring can’t get out….may as well study….



Maybe March will improve, then we can help mum with seed planting and choosing some great new things for the garden, coming soon. Sssooo bored!

Sssooooo tired. We’ll even curl up next to ‘Taffy the feared’…needs must I guess.

tired Life sometimes is so hard.


Hello world!

You could be forgiven for thinking this blog may not be altogether relevant to Into the Garden Store. But my dogs have had a big part to play in the development of Into the Garden Store and garden designing. They have been involved in many of my tossings and turnings over getting a garden design for a client just right.

They’ve listened to my reasons why this plant should be included, how to incorporate a space for al fresco dining, room for a potting shed etc.

These poor souls have had to wait for their highlight of the day (a walk to you and me) whilst I’ve tried to find modern and vintage finishing touches for my garden or a client’s, that are practical and stylish, not kitsch or twee. Not too difficult you might think, until you try. Hence the beginnings of Into the Garden Store.

Foxy and Archie have listened patiently to me. They have always stayed by my side whilst sourcing items that I’ve put together for my special collection of home and garden must haves. They have trudged round flea markets with me. They’ve sat in the car and waited (with the window open of course) on many expeditions.  Without complaint or murmur, just on the vague hope of hearing that immeasurable word….WALK.

They have many ‘tails’ to tell…..and so Foxy and Archie’s blog begins….their adventures in the great outdoors and so much more!

Please allow me to introduce them and then its over to Foxy and Archie…probably more Foxy to be honest! You will begin to understand.


‘From excellent stock’ you might say. She’s definitely a game gal. Her ‘daring do’ character and slightly frayed edges belie her very well to do breeding.

She closely resembles a slightly over stuffed teddy bear and definitely has that vintage look.


The complete antithesis of Foxy. He looks so fine, elegant, a very well to do sort of fellow… don’t you think? Appearances can be very deceiving.  We don’t talk about this, but his parentage is a little questionable. But his character is as meek and mild and as skittish as you could possibly want. A really gentle soul.

A true couch potato